Tremendous Relevant Traffic:

BuyHatke receives very relevant traffic from consumers who are in for a purchase and hence we have a very high conversion rate across all marketing channels that you can practice. E-commerce websites have seen conversions from 2 to 10% much higher than the traditional mediums like adwords or Facebook ads. And not only conversions we also provide you scale by giving your products access to over a 1,000,000 online shoppers each month.

Superb Quality Leads:

BuyHatke captures the customers after they have done lots of browsing and research, and then they finalize to buy your product at the price they want. In this way we make sure that the leads we send to our merchant are “quality lead”, i.e. the shoppers who are ready to buy.

Very High Conversion:

BuyHatke offers higher conversion rates because we provide aesthetically displayed, price sorted listing of products from so many trusted retailers so that our consumers enjoy the ultimate shopping experience.

Building Up brand:

The brand recognition for BuyHatke is tremendous. BuyHatke has been covered by leading media as shown here which includes the likes of NDTV profit, livemint, dainik bhaskar, and so on. BuyHatke has also been recognized among the top 100 global innovations by the government of Russia for its outstanding innovation in e-commerce product discovery. Collaborating with such a reputed brand provides massive brand horsepower to you which would reflect in increased conversions.

Shopping Comparison plays an important role for retailers.
BuyHatke provides lots of advantages:

  1. Highest number of paying advertisers
  2. Superb strong conversion rates
  3. Over a million visitors every month
  4. Aesthetic display with branding of the products with your store = great conversion rates, maximum Return on investment

BuyHatke Tracking Tool:

Tracks your clicks and popular products

Make Sure your Product Details are Fresh:

Keep your content, products and contact information up to date. This is really prime for higher conversions as a lot of store would associate negative brand image if you have products out of stock and listed them on our portal or have a price change and you have not updated it on our website.

Add the “BuyHatke Logo”:

Adding the BuyHatke logo to your website generates instant credibility for you in the hearts of a million shoppers. As we are very selective in the terms of selection of the online stores we add our consumers trust us immensely that we wont add a portal if it doesn’t provide any unique value.

View your Most Popular Products and Categories:

Allowing you to market popular products more aggressively

Boost your Brand:

BuyHatke enables you to display your store logo next to each of your listings increasing consumer awareness of your brand.

We are Completely Free Right Now:

There are setup costs, no hidden charges which we are charging users. We are completely free to list your products right now. The policy might change later and you would be intimated regarding the same. We also reserve the right not to list a particular store if it doesn’t adhere to our quality standards.

To join BuyHatke just complete our BuyHatke retailer Agreement and provide us with a data feed of your products, it’s that simple.