CSV to XML Converter Guidelines

So it seems you have the CSV feed. No worries, you just need to follow these instructions:

a) Check whether the CSV file that you have has similar nomenclature of the column entries as given in this CSV file. If the names match then directly proceed to step d.
b) If the names are not same then please rename the column names of your CSV file according to the column names given in the CSV file ‘BuyHatkeFeed’
c) Save your products feed CSV file with the new names and name it “storename-CSV feed”
eg: “flipkart-CSV feed”
d) Now go this link. You would be taken to http://www.luxonsoftware.com/converter/csvtoxml it is a website that accurately converts your CSV feed into an XML feed that is required to be uploaded. Follow the instructions given in CSV to XML convertor application and uploaded your updated CSV feed from step c there.
e) Download the converted XML feed and upload it in the link given here.