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Why list your products on Buyhatke?

Managing an e-commerce store and simultaneously working on branding, marketing and promotions is very hard. We applaud you for the very fact that you have been doing it till this time. But you know, there’s an easier way. BuyHatke provides you with that. BuyHatke which is India’s most exhaustive product and price discovery portal helps you list your products on our website. We offer product and price discovery across 25 million products and 2000+ brands. We have had tremendous collaboration synergies with over 47 e-retailers in India now and we are now partnering with more credible portals to deliver our consumers with tremendous variety and help you grow your business exponentially. So you get to place your brand alongside the best and march forth on your core offering driving business to you from over a 1 million visitors that come to BuyHatke every month.

How to list your products on Buyhatke?

It helps to create a safe, fair and easy selling environment for all its members to promote their products. Selling a product through BuyHatke is as simple as it can get. To begin selling start by checking the feed format given in the link. Construct an XML feed in the format which would update whenever there is a change in price or product availability.

Send us the live XML feed to wecare@buyhatke.com. We would include that feed in our product search results and shoot you a mail when done

As on the buyer side we are on our mission to deliver the Ultimate shopping experience so are we on a mission to deliver the ultimate selling experience for your products. As a seller you need to sit back, relax and see how BuyHatke does the magic for your business sales.