Logo Upload Guidelines

Need to upload 2 logos, one for website, other for our mobile app.

Specification for Website Logo:

Dimension: 100x80 px
Consists of 2 parts each of 100x40px stacked one below the other.
The top 100x40px should be in grayscale, and the bottom in color.

max size: 4 kB

Sample Logo:

Specification for Mobile App Logo:

Dimension: 60x60 px
Single colored image, should be made in such a way that your store logo is readable/visible even when the image is made as small as 30x30px.

Sample Logo:

Note: If the logo has transparent background, then apply a solid background (white preferred)

Format: jpeg or png*. decent quality with size as optimized as possible (min file size possible )

*Use 8 bit png for smaller file size

max size: 2 to 2.5 kB

For Image Optimizing refer:
Inobscuro Image Optimization Tutorial
Google Image Optimization